U-Map profiles of higher education institutions illustrate what institutions actually do in terms of serving different student populations; the educational programmes they offer; and their involvement in research, knowledge transfer, regional engagement and internationalisation.

U-Map includes two web-tools to help you get a grip on this wealth of information. The tools were designed to be used consecutively: the Institution Finder and the Profile Viewer

Institution Finder

institution-finderThe Institution Finder helps you to identify the higher education institutions within U-Map that are of particular interest to you. It enables you to specify the characteristics of the institutions you wish to identify within the U-Map database.

If, for instance, you are interested in small institutions, offering primarily Bachelor-level degrees and with high levels of regional engagement then only those higher education institutions that match these criteria will be selected for your subset of U-Map institutions.

Feel free to experiment. You can also choose more than one value for an indicator, for example, a small or medium-size institution. Please note, however, that the more selection criteria you use, the fewer institutions are likely to qualify for your subset.

The result of your selection – your subset of institutions – is shown instantaneously in the right hand side pane of the screen.

Profile viewer

sunburst-u-mapU-Map develops activity profiles based on 29 separate indicators (found on the left hand side on the finder), which together cover the six dimensions of higher education activities included in U-Map: student population, teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, regional engagement and international orientation.

Each indicator has four possible values: in most cases these indicate major, substantial, some or no involvement in the activity in question. These indicator values are represented in the U-Map sunburst charts which are colour-coded by dimension. The longer the sunray the more the institution is involved in the activity.

viewer-universitiesThe Profile Viewer is a way to look in more detail at the activity profiles of higher education institutions that you would like to compare.

In the Profile Viewer, you can double click on one sunburst chart to get detailed information on the higher education institution and its profile. You can also hand pick other higher education institutions and compare their detailed scores on the indicators. Moving your mouse over the different sunrays will highlight the indicator in all selected higher education institutions and show you the exact value each has on the indicator selected. These values can also be found in the comparison table below the sunburst charts.