Because many of the U-Map indicators are also used within U-Multirank (see U-Map and U-Multirank for more information) we are able to offer institutions with approved U-Multirank performance profiles the opportunity to also develop a U-Map activity profile.

If an institution takes up this opportunity this requires a very limited supplementary data submission. CHEPS will undertake this limited extra data verification and publish the U-Map profile at no cost to the institution, and will also give institutions that develop their U-Map profiles in this way a U-Map membership with full access to U-Map membership functions (see Members benefits).

The terms of participation and the procedures for data collection and usage are set out in the U-Map protocol.


Please use our contact form.

Join U-Map via U-Multirank?

If you are a U-Multirank institution and wish to also develop a U-Map profile please fill out the form on the Join U-Map page and answer ‘Yes’ to the last question “Multirank member?”